Bequest Intention

When you have completed this bequest intention form, the Jewish Community Alliance will include you in our Legacy Society as a noted investor and friend of JCA.  We thank you for the privilege of honoring and stewarding you, along with other Legacy Society members.  Jewish Community Alliance understands that all bequest provisions are revocable and that any intentions stated here are not binding on you or your estate.







I have named Jewish Community Alliance Foundation as a beneficiary of:

□          My last will and testament

□          Retirement account

□          Living Trust

□          Charitable Trust

□          Life insurance policy

□          Financial vehicle (please specify) ­­­­­_______________________

□          Donor advised fund

□          Other (please verify) ____________________


My provision names <Your Organization Name> as (note the following):

□          Primary Beneficiary

□          Secondary Beneficiary

□          Contingent Beneficiary

At _______%


Yes, I would like to provide an estimate of the value of my gift through my estate.  $______________

□          Yes, I would enjoy having a conversation with a <Your Organization Name> staff person to discuss how my gift might make the most impact.

□          Yes, Jewish Community Alliance/Jewish Community Alliance Foundation may publish my name in conjunction with the Legacy Society

□          Yes, I will forward a copy of my Will, Trust or financial document for safekeeping in our confidential files


I understand that my commitment to leave Jewish Community Alliance a legacy gift through my estate entitles me to member in the Legacy Society, special recognition at events and special seating at Jewish Community Alliance (other privileges as directed).