Group Fitness

We offer more than 55 adult and youth group fitness classes each week that are FREE to JCA valued members.

Group fitness workout.


JCA Group Fitness classes provide a safe, effective and positive exercise environment that focuses on helping our adult and youth members create a healthy lifestyle through a variety of fitness classes. Complimentary Kid Kare is available to valued members with family memberships during most group fitness classes to ensure you have time to join us without worrying about childcare.



Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Group Fitness?

Do I need to register for group fitness classes?

Currently, there is no registration required to participate in our group fitness classes. We do ask that you please sign in to each class so that we can continue to provide classes that our community enjoys.

Do you offer youth group fitness classes?

Yes! We offer three new youth fitness classes to encourage the younger generation to be active and healthy. Children ages 5 – 15 who are valued members can participate in these classes.

What are your group fitness class policies?

Our group fitness class policies are as follows:

  • To safely control the flow of traffic, please enter the studio at the beginning of class through the main door.
  • Be on time! If you arrive after the start of the class, please quietly and respectfully enter the studio through the rear door.
  • If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath while exercising, inform the instructor before exiting the class.
  • Make sure to sign into each class you attend.
  • Wear clean, closed toe, athletic shoes as well as sport deodorant and appropriate athletic apparel.
  • Do not wear perfume or cologne.
  • Be respectful to all instructors and class participants.
  • Excessive side conversations during class is disrespectful and not allowed.
  • Bring your own mat for Yoga and Pilates classes.
  • Personal belongings should be kept in the lockers. (Keys, towels and water bottles are acceptable)
  • Group Fitness classes are strictly cellphone free zones.
  • Clean and return equipment used during class to its proper storage area.
  • Place used workout towels in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Inform the instructor of any hazards such as spills or broken equipment.
  • All classes end ten (10) minutes prior to the next scheduled class.
  • Promptly exit the studio after the class so the next class can begin on time.
  • Have fun and make friends!