Who We Are

The JCA responds to your needs with an unparalleled array of physical, recreational, educational, social and cultural opportunities in one convenient location.

Our state-of-the-art facility, responsive professional staff and uncompromising level of service places our members above all other priorities.


The JCA strengthens Jewish life, serves as a common meeting ground, and enhances the quality of life of the entire community.

ECE Shuk with children and the Israeli flag.


Our vision is to provide the place in the tradition of our heritage where all people come together throughout their lives, to enhance body, mind, and spirit, in an environment of fun, harmony and friendship.

Aerial shot of JCA.

Our Jewish Community Alliance

Everyone is Welcome

Our JCA is the community gathering place for people of all walks of life in every generation throughout Jacksonville. The JCA is not solely for the Jewish community; we welcome everyone into our family here at the JCA to prosper and grow with us toward a better tomorrow.

A Neighborhood of People

Individuals and families come together as a Neighborhood of People, connecting with one another and sharing experiences. We believe that our philosophy of bringing people together and offering several choices for mind and body, makes choosing the JCA a sound decision.

L'dor V'dor

L’dor v’dor is known as the transmission of our Jewish culture, values, rituals, traditions and history from one generation to the next. With the literal meaning of the Hebrew phrase being “from generation to generation,” l’dor v’dor is what our founders planned for the Jewish Community Alliance and what our community now embodies for families throughout Northeast Florida.

Our Mission

With a mission to contribute to the continuation of Jewish life by providing a common meeting ground in the tradition of our heritage, our founding members left a legacy for future generations to learn, prosper and grow.

Shaping the Future

Through our Michele Block Gan Yeladim Preschool & Kindergarten, variety of youth programs, enrichment classes, our free cultural art events, as well as a wide array of Jewish programming, celebrations, and educational opportunities – our JCA embodies Jewish values and traditions, while helping shape the future of our great community.

Our Founders Vision

From generation to generation for more than 30 years, we are proud to share all we do at the JCA to provide a better future for families throughout Northeast Florida. As our mission continues, the generosity of our community allows us to continue our founders’ vision and respond to the needs of every generation through scholarships and financial assistance, and by providing an array of recreational, educational, social and cultural opportunities to families throughout the greater Jacksonville community.

The People Behind it All

We are proud to continue in the mission of our founders to build a better future for families in Jacksonville, plus employees at the JCA love working here. We received the highest employee satisfaction scores of any affiliated Jewish Community Center in North America.

Group photo of JCA staff.

Board of Trustees

All that we do at the JCA and in the Jacksonville community is possible through the support and guidance of our Board of Trustees as well as our Executive Committee and our past Chairs.

Nicole, Sam and Adam at the Great Jaxby 2023