Jax Vegas, Baby!

Sat, Feb 17 | 7:30 pm
What happens at the JCA, stays at the JCA

JCA Annual Fabulous Fundraiser Logo 2024


It is our Annual Fabulous Fundraiser! Join us for drinks, dinner and dancing at Jax Vegas, Baby!

Your support allows us to respond to the financial assistance needs of our community and provide an array of recreational, educational, social and cultural opportunities to families throughout Northeast Florida.

For information about sponsorship opportunities and event admission, please click the button below or contact Kendall Sisisky Valliere.


Sunny Gettinger, Lior Spring


Rachel Algee, Nicole Brown, Regina Chaskin, Nancy Davis, Sierra Frisch, Nancy Green, Faye Hedrick, Samantha Holtzman, Jan Lipsky, Christen Luikart, Glenn Miller, Monique Miller, Velma Monteiro-Tribble, Rachel Morgenthal, Thelma Nied, Stephanie Palazzolo, Debbie Parker, Kim Robbins, Ryan Saltz, Fran Selevan, Rebekah Selevan, Deborah Shapiro, Kimberly Sisisky, Jennifer Smith, Linda Stein, Nadine Terk, David Thompson, Alison Trager, Jeff Wiener, Chase Zimmerman


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