Teddy Bears

Age 3 by Sep 1 and toilet trained
Ratio: 2 to 16

A group of children standing on top of a playground.


Inspired by the teaching and learning in Reggio Emilia, Italy, our 3-year-old program is rooted in the belief that children are natural learners, full of curiosity and potential. Through an emergent curriculum, children participate in hands-on projects, fostering a love for exploration and discovery. By encouraging children to investigate their interests and express themselves through various mediums, we foster a deep sense of curiosity and self-discovery. Through collaborative projects, open-ended discussions, and reflection, we empower young learners to develop critical thinking skills, communication abilities, and a strong sense of autonomy. Our program sets the stage for lifelong learning and nurtures a love for exploration and inquiry from an early age.

This program focuses on fostering independence, problem-solving strategies, and developing communication and collaboration skills.

At Michele Block Gan Yeladim, the Teddy Bear Program also includes weekly PE lessons in our JCA gymnasium and a unique partnership with the Jacksonville Zoo.