Makos Swim Team

Makos School Year Swim Team

Ages 5 – 18
Our school-year swim team is a monthly, practice-only team designed for those who have completed level 4 of the Learn to Swim program.
A boy wearing a red swim cap in front of a swimming pool.
The school year swim team continues our Learn to Swim Levels 5 and 6, refining stroke development and increasing endurance. Participants register monthly for the School Year Makos Swim Team.

Learn to Swim Level 5

Swimmers in Learn to Swim level 5 will learn:
• Performing a shallow-angle dive into water at least 9-feet deep.
• Performing a tuck and pike surface dive
• Swimming the front crawl for 50 yards.
• Swimming the elementary backstroke for 50 yards.
• Swimming the sidestroke for 25 yards.
• Swimming the breaststroke for 25 yards.
• Swimming the back crawl for 25 yards.
• Swimming the butterfly for 25 yards.
• Performing front and back flip turns.

Learn to Swim Level 6

Swimmers in Learn to Swim level 6 will learn:
• Swimming 500 yards continuously using any three strokes of choice, swimming at least 50 yards of each stroke.
• Demonstrating turns while swimming.
• Demonstrating circle swimming.
• Jumping into deep water and performing a survival float for 5 minutes.
• Survival swimming for 10 minutes.
• Treading water with no hands for 2 minutes.
• Rolling onto back and performing a back float for 5 minutes.
• Performing a feet-first surface dive, retrieving an object from the bottom of the pool at a depth of 7 – 10 feet, returning to the surface and then returning to the starting point.

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