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Building Our Future Together Leaders

Our thanks to the Building Our Future Together capital campaign co-chairs, cabinet, stakeholders and donors for leading the plans and financial means to expand and enhance our JCA.


The Frisch Family, Adam Frisch
Nancy & Mark Green
The Miller Families; Monique & David Miller, Glenn & Michael Miller, Lior Spring & Daniel Miller
Alison & Brent Trager

Honorary Chairs

Linda and David A. Stein


Lathun Brigman
Myron Flagler


Herschel Bettman
Nicole Brown
Lois Chepenik
Jeff Edwards

Mary Edwards
Ron Elinoff
Sunny Gettinger
Irene Jaffa

Allison Korman Shelton
Alan Margolies
Hope Selevan Prober
Richard Sisisky

Michele Steinfeld
Rochelle Stoddard
Samuel Stromberg
David Vandroff

“Our JCA is at the top of its game right now. But we need to do more to stay there. This campaign is about the future of our Jewish community. We need to keep going and growing so that we are here 50 years from now, even 100 years from now.”

Campaign leader whose family has lived in Jacksonville for five generations

“Our JCA has strengthened the core of the Jewish community. We now need new dollars to keep our building and offerings first-rate, and to continue to provide a place for our kids and grandkids to meet one another – and make connections for years to come.”

Campaign leader who is firmly invested in the future of our JCA


Ackerman Family
Rachel and Kevin Algee
Ken Babby
Berman Family
Hilary and Herschel  Bettman
Block Family
Jay and Gary Ralston Bortz
Rachel and Colman Brodsky
Harriet and Ernie Brodsky
Brooks Rehabilitation
Sharon and Dick Browdy
Nicole and Andy Brown
LaVerne and Andy Cantor
Gary and Nancy  Chartrand
Regina and Adam Chaskin

Lois and Alan* Chepenik
The Cohen Family
Sunny Gettinger and Trey  Csar
DuBow Family
Susan and Matthew Edelman
Mary and Jeff Edwards
Susan and Ron Elinoff
Frisch Family
Jackie and Stephen Goldman
Evan Goldman
Nancy and Mark Green
Helen Rowan and Paul Halloran
Irene and Jimmy Jaffa
Sylvia and Andrew Jaffa

Harriet and Sheldon Kaplan
Farah and Andy Kaufmann
Francine and Jim Kempner
Korman and Shelton Families
Pam and Michael  Korn
Jan and Bruce Lipsky
Katherine and David Loeb
Jan and Alan Margolies
Miller Families
Mizrahi and Morgenthal Families
Mary Carr Patton
Nancy and Gary Perlman
Kim and David Robbins
Emily and Erik Rostholder
Selevan Family

Setzer Family
Steve Sherman
Judy and Steve Silverman
Sisisky, Sherman and Valliere Families
State of Florida
Linda and David Stein
Stromberg Family
Trager Family
Vandroff Family
David Vandroff Family
Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver
Ellen and Jim Wiss
Barbi and Larry Young
Zimmerman Family
Eunice and Barry Zisser

As of 06/26/2024