Now Hiring Summer Camp Counselors


Three Reasons Why You Should Be a Summer Camp Counselor

The wide range of qualifications camp counselors acquire in just one summer are exactly what employers often seek in job candidates but cannot find in most college-aged applicants. Here are the top three reasons why every aspiring leader should become a Summer Camp Counselor at the JCA.


  1. Gain valuable life skills for your future! Time management, communication, teamwork and leadership skills, grow and improve because our summer camp counselors use them every day. A job at a summer camp helps young entrepreneurs build the tenacity, adaptability and management skills they need on job interviews and in future career opportunities.
  2. Become a leader and a role model! Working with children makes us more adaptable, out-of-the-box problem solvers – and it is extremely rewarding! Campers look up to their counselors, trust them and seek their guidance. The unique experiences and responsibilities involved with working at a summer camp help young people thrive.
  3. Build your professional resume! Working at a summer camp isn’t an easy job but one that builds an incredible work ethic and professionalism that cannot be taught in the classroom. Young leaders who work as summer camp employees are more flexible, adaptable and experienced critical thinkers.

Calling All Young Leaders!

By Beth Milograno Berry, Jewish Community Alliance

Imagine a summer job that is entertaining, fun and extremely rewarding. A position where time management, communication, teamwork and leadership skills are promised to improve daily. As summer camp counselors, the young leaders at our Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) use and nurture those valuable life skills every day. Click here to read more about the value of being a summer camp counselor.